Our Mission

Mayflower Christian Academy focuses on educating young hearts and minds to impact their communities and the world for Jesus Christ.

Child superhero pose

Who We Are

We are parents, grandparents, teachers, pastors, and other concerned citizens who believe southwest Virginia needs a Christian school revolution. This exciting project began with one person’s devotion to prayer. It is now a growing group within our community who wish to see a community served. By God’s grace, we will educate a growing community to empower students, families, and mentors to become leaders.

Our Why

This adventure in education is about answering the question: How would God have us raise a generation of leaders as parents and as teachers? School should not be about passing a test or even getting a diploma. Education is about preparation to make a difference through the quest for one’s passions and our ability to work with others. God has made every one of us unique, and the path of learning should be about mentoring each student to become the best version of himself or herself.

Admissions PRocess

Let us start by setting expectations:

Families seeking admission in this school should be aware of the following:

  • Mayflower Christian Academy and its students will seek to model
    Christ-like servant leadership: starting with each other, our host
    facility, and community needs.
  • This school will stand on a Biblical belief system.
  • Groups or individuals who actively defy or are characterized by
    disrespect of our school’s culture will not be welcome and will be
    dismissed from the school if they have been enrolled.
  • There will be a strict policy against gossip in any way, shape or form.
    This consists of all forms of communication including but not limited
    to verbal, written, and social media.
  • We cannot do everything for everyone. Just because we are a Christ centered school does not mean we can admit everyone who applies.
  • School enrollment will be limited to 30 for this year. Any exceptions
    will be at the discretion of our board of directors.

Admissions process checklist:

  1. Attending an information meeting is highly recommended.
  2. Submit a completed Family Application
  3. Submit a completed Student Application with a $150 fee for each child
    (Application will not be processed without a paid fee.)
  4. Interview between family and school leadership
  5. Agree to school policies and procedures.
  6. Enrollment offer:
    • Offers of enrollment to students that have not been accepted by
      families by 8/1/19 may be withdrawn.
    • Declare intent to school board in county of residence
      o Deadline for Pulaski County is Wednesday, August 1
      o School board deadlines may vary by county
    • Pay 1st month’s tuition – due 8/1/19
      o $420 if on the 10-month payment plan (before any discounts)
      o $350 if on the 12-month payment plan (before any discounts)

Schedule of fees outside of tuition:

  • $150/student is due with completed Student Application(s) for new
    students only.
    (See Refund Policy in the Family Application.)
  • An enrollment/curriculum fee will range from $150 to 300 per student
    based on the date when the school receives a signed Offer of Admission
    from you indicating that your student intends to join us for the school year.
    This fee is due with the signed Offer of Admission.
    • $150 if the signed Offer of Admission is received by Easter
    • $200 if it is received after Easter and by July 4th;
    • $300 if it is received after July 4th and by Labor Day (9/2/2019)
  • There is a $50 fee for school shirts. Each student will receive a set of 5 tshirts in various colors. Additional shirts for the student(s) or parent(s) may
    be purchased at $10 each.

Questions about our admissions process should be directed to [email protected]

Expectations - Students & Parents

In accepting admission, you would  agree to the following:

  • Students must adhere to our dress code uniform. The school will supply at least 5 shirts with the school logo.
    • Boys will need to wear properly fitting long pants or shorts that are navy blue or khaki, worn at the waist. Belts will be required only if the pants have belt loops.
    • Girls will need to wear loose-fitting long pants, wear loose-fitting shorts that cover the knees, skirts that cover the knees, or dresses that cover the knees but still show some part of the school logo.
    • Color should be navy blue or khaki. For boys and girls, jeans are not permitted. Clothes should be clean and in good condition with minimal holes/stains.
    • Clothing with distracting, vulgar, or inappropriate references will not be permitted.
    • Shoes should be appropriate to be worn all day. Alternate non-marking shoes may be brought for playing in the gym.
    • Some field trips will warrant a variation to the dress code. Teachers will communicate with students/parents for these events; however, always be prepared to wear a school shirt on field trips.
  • Communication and participation are critical. No one wants to feel ignored or left out. Teachers will make an effort to communicate progress and issues. Please respond to communication by phone or email within a reasonable amount of time (within 2 business days).
  • Discipline will be taken very seriously. It will progress through the following path of escalation:
    • A casual, corrective conversation with the student
    • A documented, corrective conversation with the student and conversation with a parent/guardian
    • A documented, 2-way conversation with the parent/guardian
    • A documented warning of expulsion
    • Expulsion – To be clear, we want every student to experience the love of God through this school and its teachers. We will seek to maintain excellent communication with parents throughout any disciplinary measures that we believe are necessary. We pray for God’s will in matters of discipline and will only expel a student after other avenues are exercised.

“Providence has seen fit to grant us victory to this point. Let us not fail now by failing to give our best effort.”