Pre-Launch Update

As stated in earlier emails, there is a cap to the number of students we will accept. However, we do have room for more students for this year. Prayerfully consider applying or inviting others.

We would like to have one more informational meeting before the school starts.

Here are a few updates of things coming together:

  • We picked up 20 student desks for $7 each in great condition.
  • A lot of donated materials for all grades and subjects have been hauled up to our 3rd floor space.
  • The Mayflower space has been cleaned, and the first coat of paint is on the walls.
  • New prospective families continue to email requesting information about our school. Woohoo! Answer to prayer.
  • People are out in our community building the foundation for future scholarships and funding for startup costs.
  • Our teachers are praying for our students and digging into the curriculum.
  • We have so much to be thankful for.

Here are answers to some recent questions:

  • School supplies will be similar to the list published by the public schools. (See
  • Students in grades 2 through 8 should also have a 1″ 3-ring view binder and a 2″ 3-ring view binder.
  • Supply lists for 6th grade and older will be communicated to the families of the student body ahead of the tax-free weekend that starts on August 5th.
  • Our curriculum uses the NIV translation of the Bible.
  • “What do you need most?” More students.

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