Funds & Field Trips

Let me take a moment to thank our partners who are praying for us. There are so many people who have been asking about how the school is going. Another huge thank you goes out to our donors and volunteers. The offering of funds, time, and resources has been so encouraging. I am reminded daily that we are not alone in this adventure.

We have had more than a few questions about the various facets of funding. One of the recurring questions has been whether Mayflower Christian Academy is a non-profit organization. We have completed the application process with the IRS, and now we wait.

Another money question has been grants/scholarships. On the one hand, tuition for this “Beta test year” is less than the cost of daycare. On the other hand, folks with one or more kids typically find it challenging to fit tuition into their budget. We are working to building 2 systems in bring funds to bear on this opportunity:
Following the recommendation of a local non-profit organization, we are investing in a volunteer who already works in grant-writing. According to multiple sources, funding is critical to the survival of a school. It will take time to find and apply for grants to help us help others, so it is good that we are starting now.

A number of letters have gone out to area churches. Many in our community are still not aware of our existence, and many are willing to make room in their church budgets for an outreach effort such as this one. I would encourage readers of this email to reach out to your pastor to ask if they have heard of Mayflower Christian Academy and if they have received a letter from us.

On to more fun topics, the field trips so far have been amazing. We’ve been to the Claytor Lake Dam, Pulaski Bikes, PCHS production of School House Rocks, YMCA swimming, Pulaski public library, Claytor Lake State Park nature hike with Ranger John Duncan, just to name a few. Our initial intent was to invite this community to field trip locations; however, I have not kept up because some venues have been limited to smaller groups or just short notice. I will make a greater effort to share these opportunities as they become available. Speaking of short notice, YMCA in Pulaski will be a hosting a boat safety class on Monday afternoon, November 12, about 1:30pm (swim suits not required), no cost.

We are making a difference. Stories are coming in about students as parents relate what this school means to them. Our teachers have such huge hearts to serve our kids, and our teachers have the freedom to frame our studies from a Biblical world view. This has been such an exercise in faith as we seek to fill volunteering and transportation needs. Our two greatest needs are students and wisdom to know how to grow systems of support accordingly. I continue to be excited about our journey. May our steps be ordered by the Lord.

His will first,
Javier Mattos
Mayflower Christian Academy

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