What would it look like for our kids to be grounded in Christian principles while preparing to be leaders?
What if a school helped more people in the community than just the students?
What would a new kind of school look like?

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The Mayflower Christian Academy is a Christian alternative to education in Southwest Virginia. Our core curriculum subjects are intended to cover the basics. Annual standardized testing will maintain a reference point to gauge progress at school grade level. Experienced teachers guide the learning experience through questions and enriching experiences inside and outside the typical classroom environment. Families are expected to participate in ways that fit their availability, schedule, and skill sets.

Learning is supposed to be fun. Our geographical area lends itself to so many ways to apply what we learn in the classroom. Skilled professionals in the area welcome the opportunity to share hands-on learning with students.

News & Announcements

Hoist the Anchor

Mayflower Community, Which is better?  Would you rather bite off more than you can chew?  Or, would you rather be haunted by regret as you wonder “what if..”?  Dwight L. Moody said, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter.” This

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Funds & Field Trips

Let me take a moment to thank our partners who are praying for us. There are so many people who have been asking about how the school is going. Another huge thank you goes out to our donors and volunteers. The offering of funds, time, and resources has been so

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Pre-Launch Update

As stated in earlier emails, there is a cap to the number of students we will accept. However, we do have room for more students for this year. Prayerfully consider applying or inviting others. We would like to have one more informational meeting before the school starts. Here are a

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Time of Prayer (Patriot Article)

Join us for a time of prayer on July 14th! Many thanks to The Patriot newspaper for publishing an article about this, “Mayflower Christian Academy to host time for prayer for schools.”

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